‘Reply All’ Ridiculousness

It's 20-freaking-17. Everyone should know how to appropriately use the "Reply All" function in our email by now. But, alas, some of us are still living in a Windows 95 world. If you're nodding or laughing or rolling your eyes because you can relate to that statement, then carry on. This is not for you.... Continue Reading →

Why I no longer volunteer

What's really happening ... is not always obvious on the surface. I was recently asked to volunteer for something, and when I declined, I quickly felt the judgmental stares and gossiping whispers from the group directed toward me. I don't volunteer anymore. At least not in the way most people want me to. I don't... Continue Reading →

I’d rather be laughed at like Noah

Hurricane Harvey has reminded me, yet again, how important it is to be prepared. Most of the time, things happen when we least expect it. Tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, power outages. Even with warnings like Harvey, and at least some time to prepare, those not in the direct path of the hurricane were still affected. The... Continue Reading →

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